6 drawer metal cabinet


This is probably the most practical beginner-homeopath pharmacy.  Very compact cabinet.  I like metal because you don’t have to hide it from sun.  It comes in several colors.

Helmer Drawer Unit on casters.  $39.99 in Ikea, assembly required

Ikea Item # 802.961.25.  Click here for Ikea page

Drawers 15×9”.   240 2 dr. vials or 540 ½ dr. vials.

Vial sizes: 2 dram  0.75 in (3/4″), 1/2 dram 0.5 in (1/2″).  These are standard American tall 2 dr and 1/2 dr vials.  Short 1/2 dr. vials used by Hahnemann Pharmacy fit in the 2 dr. grid.  Boiron and Dolisos (square) multi-dose tubes fit in 2 dr. grid.  Boiron and Dolisos (square) uni-dose tubes fit in 1/2 dr. grid.  Make sure you measure your vials before ordering the inserts and communicate with me to make sure you are getting the right size.

$45 each insert plus actual shipping cost